DJ Sikosis DJ Sikosis began his DJ career back in the early 90s, playing in various venues around Brisbane, Australia including The Tube, Babble-On (Resident), Hotel Jubilee, Crash 'n Burn (now Universal Gentlemen's Club) and various cafes and art gallery openings at Cross Galleries (previously the Martial Arts store at Greenslopes, now a Picture Framing shop).

After the collapse of Babble-On in 1997 and then Crash 'n Burn (now Universal Gentlemen's Club) in 1998, he then took things online with, where he ran the site, along with contributing mixes with the other 40+ DJs involved. However, 3 years into the operation, was forced to shutdown, due to APRA's (Australasian Performing Right Association) inflexible licensing costs on streaming music.

DJ Sikosis then went underground and hadn't mixed in public or bought vinyl since. He was spotted playing paintball for local team, Paint Savvy in 2004.

In 2008, he joined the Dancenode team as their Drum n Bass aficionado and later began contributing mixes to the weekly radio show on Party107.

In late 2009, he started the monthly sensation The Chill Factor radio show on KrankyDigital.

In 2010, KrankyDigital folded :( and so DJ Sikosis began making all his Dubstep, Drum n Bass and TCF mixes going forth available on Mixcloud.

DJ Sikosis @ BM Records (UK)
DJ Sikosis outside BM Records (Soho, UK)

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