Drum n Bass - Session 82

Drum n Bass - Session 8216 of the most delicious Liquid DnB of 2015, Session 82 is a carry over from Session 77 with more Carlo EQ, Funkware, Madface and more.

Carlo EQ - Reflections [Soul Deep Recordings]
Monrroe - Eventide [Liquid Tones]
Marvel Cinema - Dog Days [Liquid Tones]
Funkware - Insiders [Funkstuff Recordings]
Madface - Many Lies [Liquid Tones]
Whiney - Wasting Time [Liquid Tones]
Carlo EQ - Clear Skies [Soul Deep Recordings]
Funkware - Safari [Funkstuff Recordings]
Malaky - No Time [Liquid Tones]
Midnight Request - Music Box [Liquid Tones]
Fraen - Feel Free [Liquid Tones]
Carlo EQ - Words Fail [Soul Deep Recordings]
Madface - Later That Night [Liquid Tones]
Funkware - Little Rori [Funkstuff Recordings]
Semi Sense - Frozen Apple [Liquid Tones]
Funkware - Apricot Splash [Funkstuff Recordings]

Click here to listen.

Recorded: July 2015

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