The Chill Factor - Session 45

The Chill FactorStarting off with some Drum n Bass this morning, then moving into some Dubstep and following it up with a bunch of Deep House tracks. So, keep it locked, keep it chill.

Yoshinori Sunahara - 747 Dub [Bungalow]
London Elektricity feat.Elsa Esmeralda - Fault Lines (Unquote's Snowy Remix) [Hospital Records]
Tokyo Prose - Songbird [Hospital Records]
Zen Dub - Fading Memories [Soul Deep]
Zerosum - The Fly [Lockdown Recordings]
Truth feat. Taso - Propaganda [White Label]
Tek-One feat. Bury Tomorrow - Are You There [Hench]
Joker feat. Zak Abel - Wise Enough [Kapsize]
Neuroxyde - L'Amor discontinuo - You and Me Remix [Neurotraxx Recordings]
Pele - Changes [White Label]
Cassio Kohl - Broken (Steve Huerta Remix) [Amadeus]
Angelo Fracalanza - Long Time [PopArt]
Will Saul & October - Light Sleeper (Michael Mayer Remix) [Aus Music]
Aki Bergen - Don't Call Me Artist [Plastic City]
High Contrast feat. Clare Maguire - Who's Loving You (Copy Paste Soul's 2Swords Remix) [Virgin EMI]
Guy Mantzur - Clouds in You [Neurotraxx Recordings]
Whitesquare - Stand [Toy Tonics]
Butch feat. Benjamin Franklin - Highbeams (Butch Remix) [Hot Creations]
Blu Mar Ten - Blue Skies (Unquote Remix) [Blu Mar Ten Music]

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Recorded Live: 25th October, 2015

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